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Mr White Kids Martial Arts Instructor

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Mr White

Mr. White began training in the martial arts at the age of eleven. Mr. White served in the United States Navy for six years. Upon his return to civilian life he opened the Manchester Karate Studio, and has since served as its director of Training and Master instructor. Mr. White is currently a 8th Degree Black Belt in the Parker system of Kenpo Karate. Mr. White received his early & current training in the Ed Parker system of Kenpo Karate from Mr. Lee Wedlake, Jr., one of Mr. ParkerÆs first generation Black Belt students. Mr. White ran a series of Kenpo techniques that completed one of the Kenpo "base move" categories.

Impressed with his understanding and ability to apply the Kenpo system, Mr. Parker personally selected Mr. White to be the Technical Director for the New England region of the IKKA in 1987. At this time, Mr. White was serving as the IKKA State Representative for New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. In 1989, Mr. White became the first Kenpo instructor in New England to have students complete the requirements for Black Belt in the Parker system of Kenpo.

Mr. White is a Certified instructor in the Gracie Jiu Jitsu system recognized by the Gracie Jiu JitsusÆ first family and operates Northern New England first Certified Training Center for Gracie Jiu Jitsu system in Manchester NH.

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